I want to sell

You need a pro for this

Don’t count on the ‘seller’s market’ to sell your home. You absolutely need a great Realtor who will maximize your sale. We help our sellers prepare the house for market, price the house strategically, and market the house intensely to bring in buyers. We also make it as easy, transparent, and smooth as possible for our sellers. This is too important to do yourself or trust just anyone! Let us help you… you will be very glad you did!

The principles of success

As a consumer looking to sell your home, it can be very difficult to understand all the ads and gimmicks from various Realtors. We have no gimmick sauce, just the factual principles of real estate that we use every day to help our sellers make the most money on their house. Here they are:

  • We have to PREPARE your house correctly for market.
  • We have to PRICE your house correctly, and strategically.
  • We have to MARKET your house aggressively.
  • We have to NEGOTIATE and GUIDE the transaction skillfully until it’s closed.

How we NET you the most

Homeowners sometimes think that they ‘save on commission’ by hiring a discount Realtor. It’s true in a sense. Very unfortunately, they fail to consider what was left on the table. What was the TRUE COST of not hiring the best Realtor available? Could your house be undersold due to lack of care, lack of experience or weak marketing? What is the cost of skilled negotiating, which can be thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in the transaction? What if something goes wrong and you really need a top professional at that point?

The equation is simple: sale price – costs = your NET proceeds. But what many people miss is that the biggest cost isn’t the Realtor’s commission. The largest cost to the seller is ALL THE OTHER RISKS AND VARIABLES! Which it’s our job to skillfully mitigate for you.

You get what you pay for, and you will not regret hiring us. You will leaving closing with the maximum proceeds possible that the house and current market will allow.

Here’s what makes us different:

We're marketing pros

Our branding expertise in the elite career of marketing and advertising (20+ years each as a brand copywriter and art directors at renowned ad agencies), prior to real estate, gives us AND you an enormous advantage in selling your home lucratively

We work our listings

Yes, we seriously work it like it’s a buyer’s market and leave nothing to chance. We door knock, circle prospect, pre-list, reverse-prospect and use technology to get your home sold quickly. Our goal is to create a bidding war of multiple—So you have asking-price or higher options to pick from, and on favorable terms.

Skillful negotiating

When the moment we’ve been waiting for comes, and we have an offer or offers, you need a skilled and smart agent representing you. We are driven to help our sellers get the most for their home, the best terms possible, and get through buyers inspections.

We care about your real estate needs

We highly encourage you to chat with our past clients. Contact us and we’ll gladly connect you with our references. We also pamper and cook Indian curry dinners for all our clients!

We help you price your house right

Pricing a house correctly ensures that you get the most for it. This strategy gives you the highest chance of getting asking price OR over for your house. If possible, we will create a bidding war and sell your house in multiple offers. Our method is to always work with you, the homeowner, to review the market information and mutually decide on a list price that makes sense.

Proven record of happy sellers

Smart and strategic marketing has resulted in our listings selling FAST. Hiring the Vaz+Harwood Team is going with a listing team that you know you can trust to sell your home, and also take great care of you.

Stress-free as possible

Selling a home is a very complex business. Moving is stressful enough on your and your family. We’re here to make selling your home as fun and enjoyable as possible! From listing to closing, there are dozens if not hundreds of steps. We ensure that everything is done properly