We're always looking for talent.

Are you the next member of the Vaz+Harwood Team? We’re looking for amazing sales people to help our amazing customers. People who share our values of care for clients, outstanding customer service, and being a socially-forward real estate team. The benefits of joining us include training & coaching, accountability, and a focus on helping you achieve YOUR financial and life goals.

We are at one of the most supportive and well-run Keller Williams offices, which provides another layer of support, training and the benefits of the larger Keller Williams family. We have the world’s leading AI-driven real estate technology platform, profit sharing, and a great community of real estate folks.

Here are two categories of candidates, if either of these could describe you, and you would like to have a conversation, please call us at 612-564-5605.

"I'm a licensed Realtor"

If you’re already in real estate, are you achieving what you want? Making the money you want? Getting consistent opportunities to do what you love about the business, and focus on your customers? If not, why not? And what do YOU want and need to achieve in YOUR life and in this business? That is where we want to start the conversation with you. Unlike other teams and brokers you may to talk to, we’re going to approach this with what YOU need to define success, and how we will support that if there’s mutual alignment. Let’s talk!

"I have no real estate experience"

That’s ok, all of us had no real estate experience at one time. This business isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who are right for it, it’s unmatched for the rewards in personal satisfaction and happiness, unlimited financial potential, and life and career growth. You can fund a big life for yourself and your family, while doing the most rewarding work for your customers. And enjoy unmatched flexibility and freedom. But you have to put in the work, and have motivation and a “big why” behind you. Think this might be for you? Let’s talk!