Beth Jackson


Beth was born and raised in Hudson, Wisconsin, but is a proud adopted daughter of Saint Paul’s Hamline-Midway neighborhood. She and her husband, Frank, have three kids, Bri, Max and Syd, and continue to reap the rewards of creating amazing, unique humans. Their favorite new role in life has been becoming “BB and Papi” to their grandchildren, and they relish every moment of living and loving this journey.

You can find Frank and Beth outside, exploring their world, on bike or on foot (give a hug, high five, or handshake if you see them). Beth brings to the team a proven history of nurturing relationships of trust and value with clients, having been a long-time small business owner. Her connectedness to family shines through in all of her transactions, personalizing and developing deep connections with her clients…and helping them through some of the most monumental of life’s phases.

She has strong passions for equity and social justice, and loves her people intensely. She understands the meaning and careful thought needed help craft all of life’s major decisions, homeownership being just one of them. She has deep roots in community, and solid knowledge of what it means to bring value to those who surround her. She can’t wait to help you start your next chapter!

Call or text: 651-330-8756