Indian Recipes

Pumpkin Halwa

Halwa is an Indian dessert typically made with fruits, vegetables and also grain as its main ingredient. But seeing as it’s October, we feel y’all deserve a PUMPKIN version.

Tomato Chutney

Summer in Mumbai means ripe tomatoes. Mummy’s kitchen would always smell of the aroma of tomatoes and fennel bubbling on the stove.


Kulfi, or Indian ice cream, is an icy treat that can be found anywhere on the streets of India. It has a slight chewy and creamy texture, and boy is it delicious!

Mummy’s Dal

A very popular vegan recipe, dal is a hearty, stick-to-your-bones staple in every Indian home. I grew up eating this practically every day, and whenever I miss my mummy – who still lives in India – I cook up a large batch of dal using her very special recipe.

Tandoori Chicken

A very easy Indian BBQ dish that heralds Indian summers in to your dining room. This is Cheryllyne’s father’s recipe. It’s finger licking good!