Oak Grove

Oak Grove

Oak Grove isn’t just a city; it’s a way of life. With its sprawling landscapes, well-maintained neighborhoods, and a genuine sense of camaraderie, Oak Grove beckons families, professionals, and individuals looking to establish roots in a place that feels like home.

Community Org

Oak Grove Park & Recreation Department – At the heart of the city’s community spirit, the Oak Grove Community Center hosts a variety of events, recreational programs, and gatherings that bring residents together. Its commitment to fostering connections and offering activities for all ages enhances the quality of life in Oak Grove. Learn more at Oak Grove Community Center.

Oak Grove Lions Club – This civic-minded organization aims to make a positive impact on the community through volunteer efforts and charitable initiatives. By organizing events and supporting local causes, the Oak Grove Lions Club plays a significant role in fostering a sense of unity among residents. Explore more at Oak Grove Lions Club.

Oak Grove Parks and Trails Committee – With a focus on enhancing the city’s recreational offerings, this committee works tirelessly to maintain parks, trails, and outdoor spaces that residents can enjoy. Their dedication to preserving Oak Grove’s natural beauty contributes to the city’s inviting atmosphere. Visit Oak Grove Parks and Trails.


Oak Grove embraces its rural surroundings with a variety of lakes and parks that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. Spectacular lakes such as Lake George and Coon Lake offer opportunities for fishing, boating, and lakeside picnics. Meanwhile, Rum River Central Regional Park provides a scenic setting for hiking, wildlife observation, and family gatherings.


Chanticlear Pizza Oak – Savor delicious pizzas in the heart of Oak Grove at Chanticlear Pizza Oak. A local favorite, known for their mouthwatering pies and inviting atmosphere.

Roads Grill & Bar – Experience a warm, friendly atmosphere and a diverse menu at Roads Grill & Bar in Oak Grove. From classic comfort food to modern dishes, there’s something for everyone.

Back to the SRO Bar & Grill -Step “Back to the SRO” in Oak Grove for great food and a laid-back vibe. Enjoy tasty bites and a variety of drinks in a welcoming setting.

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