No-Mow? No Problem. Growing a no-mow lawn in Minnesota

Throughout our time as both realtors and homeowners, we’ve discovered that American adults are split into two categories: those who love to mow, and those who loathe it.

For those of you who enjoy mowing the lawn every couple of weeks, kudos! It can be extremely cathartic to pop in a pair of headphones and cut those perfectly even rows in your lawn to the tune of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.” But some of us just don’t find the same level of enjoyment from the smell of freshly cut grass and hoisting a heavy lawnmower up a steep incline. And, you know what? That’s ok! Beyond just the hassle of regular mowing and upkeep, traditional lawns can have adverse effects on local lakes and rivers and don’t hold up well during droughts.

The solution: No-mow lawns. It may sound too good to be true, but many homeowners are implementing low-maintenance, no-mow grass that saves time and money, requires less fertilizer, and protects local waterways by capturing rain runoff. 

No-mow grass is a combination of fescues, a hardy, lush variety of grass that is often grown in shady places. However, more and more homeowners are growing this type of grass as their lawn rather than using traditional grass. 

Fescues are more environmentally friendly as they don’t require any fertilizer and only need to be mowed once a year. Additionally, fescue-blend lawns only require about 30 percent of the water that traditional lawns do, which is essential as the water demand greatly increases during Minnesota summers.

Fescue grass has become popular in local landscaping, offering a beautiful, natural, prairie-like look while also providing space for kids and pets to frolic. The grass naturally stops growing at about five inches, though some may choose to cut it monthly or bi-monthly to keep it at a desired height. 

Another great option is Microclover®, which is unique in its ability to produce its own nitrogen fertilizer, giving lawns a deep green color. Because it is a variety of clover, it will also flower, attracting bees and pollinating gardens. Have dogs at home? No more discolored spots, as it is immune to dog urine! No mowing, no “dog spots,” no fertilizer and no maintenance? We’re all about that, which is why we replaced our lawn with Microclover®!

Want a lush, green lawn that is also maintenance-free and eco-friendly? A no-mow lawn may be for you. Need proof? Check out our no-mow yard that has allowed us to be more environmentally friendly, create a beautiful aesthetic, attract bees and save money!

And if you’re looking for a great local, South Minneapolis business to help you with your lawncare, we highly recommend Mother Earth Gardens for everything from houseplants to no-mow lawn seeds.

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