Namasté Nora

We are over-the-moon happy to introduce Nora Kreml, our spankin’ new Director of Operations. We’re not as lucky, though, as our clients, who are already loving her awesomeness for keeping home sales on track.

Nora joins us with 5 years of operations expertise in non-profits and fundraising; her last position was with Lundstrum Performing Arts.

Fun facts about Nora:

  • Has degrees in art history, museum studies, and international relations.
  • Lived and worked in Ethiopia for two years with the Peace Corps.
  • Loves reading about art crime, and reading in general.
  • Travels the world and chows down on exotic cuisines.
  • Loves snuggling with her puppy, Atlas.
  • Loves meeting people.

Please join us in saying Hello / Namasté to Nora and giving her a very Bollywood welcome to the Vaz+Harwood Team!!!

What do you want in your next home?