Kheema and Eggs

One of my favorite breakfast dishes from Goa, India is this quick scramble of spiced ground meat (beef or mutton), also known as ‘kheema’ and eggs.

The kheema was either leftover from dinner the night before, or if you were my mom, she would whip it up very quickly before heading off for Sunday mass.

It’s one of my Sunday breakie favorites that I loved eating after coming home from church in Mumbai, and still love.

• eggs
• fresh OR leftover kheema


1. Make kheema from scratch OR heat up leftover kheema in a pan on the stove

2. When kheema is warm, move to one side of the pan

3. Add eggs to pan (you can use the oils from the kheema) and cook as desired.

4. Mix together egg and kheema, season with a little salt.

Absolutely DELICIOUS on buttered toast or with some leftover naan. 

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