How Realtors are paid

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How Realtors are paid

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It’s often unclear to our clients how, when, and by whom we get paid. So here’s how it works, and we hope this helps demystify it.

If we’re representing you as a seller:

As a seller, you pay the total real estate commission for us and our broker, who’s representing you, and the buyer’s broker and agent, who represent the buyer of your home. The commission comes from the proceeds of the sale of the home, and is split between both agents’ brokers at closing. Keller Williams also charges a relatively minor administrative fee to sellers, as part of the closing costs of the transaction.

If we’re representing you as a buyer:

As a buyer, you don’t pay a real estate commission. The commission is paid by the seller and split between their broker and agent, and between us, representing you as your buyer’s agent. The commission is paid at closing. Keller Williams charges buyers a relatively minor administrative fee, as part of the closing costs of the transaction.

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