10 things we’ve done (so far!) to make our 1920s Standish home more eco-friendly

For Earth Day, it’s time to share what we at the Vaz+Harwood Team did to make our 1920’s house more sustainable, energy efficient and eco-friendly. AND how in the process, we built up our home equity.

Like most families in S. Minneapolis, we have an older home, and it used to be pretty energy IN-efficient! Here are a few things we’ve done to make it a lot greener, and to lower our energy bills substantially. There’s much more we could do, but it’s a start! If you are planning a green idea for your property, we’d love to be inspired by it. 

And if you’re thinking of selling your home, now’s the time to learn how a few budget-friendly updates can potentially net you higher!

What do you want in your next home?