10 things we’ve done (so far!) to make our 1920s Standish home more eco-friendly

The Vaz+Harwood Team was at this year’s South Minneapolis Green Fair hosted at Roosevelt High School this past April. At the fair, we shared what we at the Vaz+Harwood Team did to make our house more sustainable, energy efficient and eco-friendly. AND how in the process, we built up our home equity.

Like most families in S. Minneapolis, we have an older home, and it used to be pretty energy IN-efficient! Here are a few things we’ve done to make it a lot greener, and to lower our energy bills substantially. There’s much more we could do, but it’s a start! If you are planning a green idea for your property, we’d love to be inspired by it. Feel free to share at

And if you’re thinking of selling your home, now’s the time to learn how a few budget-friendly updates can potentially net you higher!

Put in wifi-connected switches to better control which lights are on

Replaced most lights with LED & CFL

Installed a 95% efficient furnace

Put in a smart thermostat

Put in a new
water heater & keep it at 120º

Replaced ancient washer + dryer with new energy-efficient models

Installed rain gardens and eco-landscaping

Removed our lawn and made the whole yard into a garden

Renovated our double-hung windows, added insulated channels

Installed blinds that help with cooling in summer, heating in winter

What do you want in your next home?