Let’s go house shopping!

Now the fun part. We get to go find your next dream home! Here’s our process that makes it simple and successful for you, and finds you the best houses with the least amount of wasted time.
How many houses do we need to see?

This can come as a surprise, but most buyers need to see less than 8 houses to make a decision and find their home. The reason is simple: if a Realtor has to show you dozens of houses, they haven’t helped you clarify what you’re looking for. Our job is not to show you houses until you drop from exhaustion! It’s to show you the best houses on that market that you can afford and may want to buy. 

We have to act fast when we find a house

Our goal is to get you into any houses you are interested in within a day or two of the house coming on the market, at the most, if possible for your schedule. If we wait, it may be gone.

We have to decisive

You may only get one or two showings before having to decide on writing an offer, especially if it’s a ‘seller’s market’. If we wait and think about it, the house may be gone, even literally overnight. 

We may also have to be patient!

There may not be a lot of houses on the market that fit your criteria. If so, we may have to wait and watch the market as new inventory comes on. We will help you monitor this search and make sure we’re up-to-date on what’s available on the current market.

Be sure to review the seller’s disclosures

Every home on the market is required to provide seller’s disclosures, except for new construction homes. Be they detailed or brief over views, disclosures can serve as an advanced insight into the property. If anything on the disclosures is a concern to you, it may not be the property for you, and you may be able to save yourself time and gas by reviewing disclosures in advance.