Delano isn’t your average city; it’s a tight-knit community brimming with hometown pride. Here, friendly neighborhoods, lively cultural festivities, and a genuine sense of togetherness create an irresistible allure for families, professionals, and individuals alike. In Delano, you don’t just find a place to live; you discover a vibrant tapestry of memories waiting to be woven, making it feel like home in every sense of the word.

Community Org

Delano Area Chamber of Commerce – Committed to supporting local businesses and community growth, the chamber provides networking opportunities, events, and resources for entrepreneurs. Explore their initiatives at Delano Area Chamber of Commerce.

Delano Community Education – Focusing on lifelong learning and community engagement, Delano Community Education offers a wide array of classes, activities, and events for residents of all ages. Discover their offerings at Delano Community Education.

Delano Fire Department – Ensuring the safety of the community, the Delano Fire Department plays a vital role in emergency response efforts. Learn more about their contributions at Delano Fire Department.


Delano’s natural beauty shines through its nearby lakes and parks. Lake Rebecca Park Reserve and Long Lake Regional Park provide opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, picnics, and wildlife observation. The city also boasts several local parks, including Central Park and Veterans Park, where residents can enjoy recreational amenities and green spaces.


Edie Mae’s Eatery – Known for its charming ambiance and mouthwatering menu, this local gem offers a delightful dining experience for every palate. From homestyle favorites to culinary delights, Edie Mae’s Eatery is a must-visit spot for a memorable meal.

Peppermint Twist Drive-In – A nostalgic gem, Peppermint Twist is known for its delicious ice cream and classic drive-in fare. It’s a must-visit spot for a sweet treat.

Dave’s Town Club – For a taste of hearty Midwestern cuisine, Dave’s Town Club is the go-to spot in Delano. Enjoy mouthwatering steaks and comfort food in a friendly atmosphere.

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