How to make an offer

When it’s time to make an offer on a house, we’ll help you make decisions on how much to offer and what terms to negotiate on. In theory, everything is negotiable.

The market ultimately sets the sale price of a home. We’ll do market analysis to determine if the house seems fairly/over/under priced. We’ll also consider the condition, how long it has been on the market, and how badly you want the home.

  • We’ll ask if there are other offers. The seller’s agent may / may not be able to tell us.
  • If possible, we can ask the seller to pay your closing costs.
  • An earnest money check (usually 1-2% of the offer) is written with the offer. When the offer is accepted, the funds are held in a trust account at the seller’s broker. At closing, the earnest money goes toward the purchase of the home.