I want to buy!

I want to BUY

Congratulations on deciding to buy a home. We are so excited for you and your family, and will be thrilled to help you. If you’re a first-time home buyer who’s totally new to the process, we will especially help and guide you every step of the way. If this isn’t your first rodeo on home buying, you’ll appreciate how we make it easy and enjoyable for you, and negotiate the best deal possible on your behalf.

Why buy a house now?

True, it’s a seller’s market, but it’s also a great time for buyers! And you will succeed in home buying in this market if you have a solid lender and Realtor who are working diligently for you, and who care about you and your home search.

Interest rates are still low

The great news is that interest rates are still historically low, even though they are probably on the rise. This really means that you have more purchasing power, and you can afford ‘more house’, than when interest rates are higher. It’s a great time to lock in a low interest rate on a 15- or 30-year mortgage. Every point that interest rates rise decreases your purchasing power by 11%.


Why hire us as your buyer’s agent?

We care

Nothing else matters if we don’t take the time and effort to care about our clients. No one is ever just a transaction to us. For most people, this is their biggest purchase, and changes their life and family!

We listen to you

We take the time to listen to you. And things can happen fast in the real estate business, so communication is key. As your buyer’s agent, we will probably be in touch almost daily through the home-search process

Skillful negotiating

You need an buyer’s agent who has your back, and will negotiate smartly, judiciously, and sometimes creatively for you. Our approach is always a win/win scenario, but with your best interest at the forefront.

We win offers

We have a proven track record of succeeding with our buyers’ offers — even in a seller’s market and even winning against multiple offers. We can’t guarantee that we’ll win every offer, but we do our absolute best to win for you.

Proven record of happy buyers

We highly encourage you to chat with our past clients. Contact us and we’ll gladly connect you with our references. We also pamper and cook Indian curry dinners for all our clients!

Stress-free as possible

Buying a house has some stress-involved. No doubt about it. If we can make this fun for you, we’ve really done our job. At the very least, we will reduce the stress by helping you through all the details and negotiations.

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