To be the most educated and well-trained agents in the business and serve our customers at the highest level, we ALWAYS have to be learning!

Our ongoing V+H Academy classes are FREE and open to all agents on our team, at our brokerage, at other KW offices, and at other brokerages. Pre-licensing agents and admin staff are also welcome to attend.

Our vision is to keep everything fresh and current with the fast-changing real estate business, vs a stodgy book of ‘course content’ that worked in the past, but is already out of date.

Rock Your Calendar

What’s on your calendar defines how much money you’ll make. Your most precious resource is time. How you use it determines much of your success. Are you in command of your day? Learn how to time-block and navigate real life!

  • Discover your ‘one thing’
  • Be honest with yourself about what kind of a schedule your life requires.
  • Schedule your life/kids/vacations first
  • Timeblock your top 20%
  • Leave flex time
  • It’s about having a plan, not perfection

Buyer psychology: the 4 types of buyers and how to talk to them

Many agents don’t understand that there are 4 types of buyers, and how you engage and talk to each of them is very different. Once you understand this, your success in nurturing buyer leads will improve dramatically.

  • Dreamers
  • Planners
  • Shoppers
  • Transactors

‘I hate sales’

So you’re in real estate, but you can’t stand that feeling that you have to make sales calls? You’re SO not alone. Many very successful agents feel the same way. Here’s how to NOT be salesy in real estate and succeed magnificently.

  • We don’t sell anything anyway
  • Come from contribution / value
  • People love real estate – they truly want to hear from you
  • Consumer trends / how people these days want to be communicated with
  • Ways to lead gen if you don’t want to call anyone
  • How to ask for the business and get contracts signed

Where the money is made! Your highest dollar-per-hour activities and how to leverage the rest!

If you want to make the most money for your time (highest dollar per hour), there are 4 or 5 activities that you need to focus on. The rest can (and probably should) be leveraged. Here’s how.

  • You top 4 activities 80/20 rule
  • Why everything else doesn’t make you money
  • Leverage options