Nothing is more important in life than the place each of us calls ‘home’. It’s where we live, it’s our castle, it’s where many of us raise our families. We never lose sight of this when we’re helping our customers with real estate. This is not about a transaction, it’s about people making a very important move and investment in life. So whether you’re a first-time home buyer, have moved several times, are down-sizing, moving in or out of state, or building your investment business, it’s our privilege and honor to help you find your next home.

We would be very honored to help you find your dream home. Welcome to the Vaz+Harwood Team and thank you for visiting us!

Our Values

We have deep and sincere commitments to fair housing. Owning real estate is the bedrock foundation of long-term financial stability and building generational wealth. It’s our belief that many people have not accessed this great opportunity of our economy simply because no one helped them. Many of our customers were the first people in their entire family to own a home, and this makes our job absolutely joyful.

Here are some of the ways we do our part to make real estate and home ownership more accessible:

  • We don’t specialize in neighborhoods or price points. We work all over the extended Twin Cities area and we love customers selling or buying in all neighborhoods, all price points. Every customer deserves first-class service.
  • We aim to have the most educated buyers and sellers possible, and especially to help first-time home buyers and those with less knowledge of real estate. The more YOU know about real estate, the more empowered you are to be successful as a buyer or seller.
  • We help our customers get connected to great lenders who can guide them on financial fitness to buy a home. If you are worried about your credit, debt, or if you can qualify for a mortgage or assistance program, you may be wondering who to trust and where to start. Call us.
  • We’re patient. We’ve stuck with some of our customers for years while they repaired credit or worked on being able to own a home.

Cheryllyne Vaz

Realtor, CEO

Andy Harwood

Realtor, Team Leader

Nora Kreml Harry

Realtor, Director of Operations

Niña Alora Herrera

Administrative Assistant

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Marjorie Dejumo

Sales Associate