3916 22nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407

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3916 22nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

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Gorgeous Standish Neighborhood home with delightful garden!

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This classic Standish bungalow, built in 1927, is looking for its forever family.

Yes, this sweet little white house with the blue trim and the beautiful English cottage-style garden has been meticulously cared-for and is now ready for its new family.

You’ll love the main floor’s open floor plan with its sun-filled living room—don’t miss the fireplace and in-built book shelves—original woodwork, dining room, open kitchen, and the two bedrooms.

Sit in the front yard with a cup of coffee and say hello to people walking by. The fully-fenced-in garden at the back is a private oasis with a covered deck, patio & many perennials / native plants. Perfect for inviting over family, friends and neighbors. Start the party in the house and let it spill out on to the front and back. 

The clean and dry basement has plenty of room to refinish. Add a laundry or guest room, or design a recreation space, or an office…make it your own. Please note the tub—perfect for hosing down your pets or using as an additional shower.

Enjoy life within walking distance of the Lake Hiawatha and Lake Nokomis; Sibley, Hiawatha and Nokomis recreational parks; eclectic coffee shops (Sisters Sludge and Angry Catfish); the Northbound Brewery, Baker’s Wife, antique stores (Southside Vintage + Groovy’s) and restaurants. AND let’s not forget the light rail, which is a hop, skip and a jump away. 

Would you like to call this cutie your home?

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3916 22nd Ave brochure (PDF)

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beds: 2

baths: 1 full

garage: 1

sqft: 974

taxes: $2,255

price: $240,000

MLS# 4925107



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