I want 

A big bay window for my cat

No more roommate's laundry

A man cave + a she-shed

A tasty, delicious, yummy kitchen

To be a backyard beekeeper

A yard for my 100lb newfie

To nail my 'LeBraun dunk' on the garage

A soundproof room for my bagpipes

My bikes to have their own bedroom

A backyard ice-rink

What do YOU want in your next home?
Let’s make it happen!

“I can’t imagine the sale going any quicker, smoother or yielding as high a price as it did with the Vaz+Harwood Team."

— Steve, Hiawatha neighborhood

“They give more soul than your average agent. They’re so helpful, knowledgable, and sweet that I truly felt like I had sold my house with the help of family.”

— Maggie, Corcoran neighborhood

“Warm, supportive, informative, and skilled during our entire selling process.”

— Nora & Geoff, Howe neighborhood

Recent listings

419 5th St S, Bayport, MN 55003

419 5th St S, Bayport, MN 55003

Welcome to Bayport, and to the most beautiful walkout rambler ever!
With this three-bedroom, two-bathroom beauty, you get it all: A city lot, and a backyard with gardens and a wooded hillside!

Namasté from the Vaz+Harwood Team

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Woman Power: Buying a house as a single woman

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